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Concur Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation (a.k.a. dark spots) is darkening of the skin due to an over accumulation or uneven distribution of melanin (pigment). It is caused by factors including sun exposure, hormones, medications, pregnancy, skin trauma, injury or aging. One common cause of hyperpigmentation is acne. The shadow mark left behind after a breakout is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

When your skin encounters one of the factors listed above that causes pigmentation, a reaction occurs that activates an enzyme called tyrosinase which then starts the production of excess pigment. Once this enzyme is triggered, a chain reaction starts. If it isn’t stopped, the reaction results in dark spots and discoloration. We recommend that your hyperpigmentation skin care plan includes wearing and reapplying SPF daily. Using products for hyperpigmentation that brighten and inhibit the formation of melanin and exfoliate to target existing pigmented areas.

But even if addressing hyperpigmentation isn’t your number one concern, no one can say no to a fresh, glowing complexion. So, how do you brighten skin and lighten dark spots?

Choosing the right ingredients is the first key to erasing dark spots. You’ll want to look for formulas that contain chemical exfoliants and/or brightening agents to get the best results. We especially love serums and moisturizers because they allow the active ingredients to penetrate surface cells and brighten skin. If addressing hyperpigmentation is a top priority for you, stick to brightening serums, if it’s not your #1 concern, incorporate brightening ingredients in other areas of your routine.

Here is an example skin care routine for someone whose main concern is hyperpigmentation: Continue reading “Concur Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation”