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Lana is my safer! For less than a year I am finally hairless. The best and professional service, quick and great results!!!!!

Feb 11, 2016 by Zhaneta

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Lana is incredibly friendly, encouraging, and professional. She was sympathetic and kind during the procedures and had great tips on how to make the procedure easier and aftercare more effective. And the results are great! I used to feel very self-conscious about my facial hair and now I don't even think about it, let alone worry about how to deal with it everyday.

by J

Lana is so great, kind, compassionate and professional. She made me feel at ease right away. So happy with my electoalysis treatments so far. So glad I found Lana and Superior Skin!

by Heidi

I am a trans woman seeing Lana for electrolysis. She is professional, kind, and caring, and has been supportive beyond my expectations. She sets a remarkably peaceful and soothing environment for her patients and goes to great lengths to ensure the procedure is as quick and painless as possible. I am grateful to know her and enthusiastically recommend her services, particularly to other trans women.

by Allison

Electrolysis with Lana changed my life! Ever since I was a teen-ager, I've been self conscious of the hair on my face. The more I plucked, the more it grew. I developed a habit of constantly picking at my chin, which irritated my skin (and my loved ones!) After childbirth, the condition got so bad that I resorted to shaving and dealing with the scratchy stubble every day. After a year of electrolysis, the hair is gone, along with the picking and self consciousness! Lana is an expert technician, and gave me an honest and accurate sense of what to expect from the process.

by Erin

I'm absolutely thrilled with my treatment! Yana is great! She did an amazing job-I was enjoying every minute at Superior Skin Care! The atmosphere was relaxing and very welcoming.
My skin feels so smooth and healthy after Yana's treatment! I definitely will come back and I highly recommend her and Superior Skin Care!

by Kateryna Stoliarenko

I’m thrilled with my results from my treatment with Yana. My skin feels renewed and refreshed. The atmosphere was very welcoming and relaxing. I will definitely return for more treatments!!! Absolutely great and professional service! Loved it!

by Kateryna

I’m so glad I found Lana!! She truly delivers great results, and always has such a welcoming demeanor. She instantly feels like a good friend. She is very open and honest about what works to make us older ladies look and feel younger J … I felt very comfortable asking anything, even what kind of work she gets done. She answers my questions honestly, and ultimately I’m thrilled with my treatment. The waxing are quick and the least painful I’ve had anywhere. You will truly enjoy every minute of your visit with Lana.

by J.Lasker

I discovered Lana through the Tiffany Club. As an older transgender woman I was confronting more than some hair where I didn't want it. I was changing my very being to a new gender. From the first day Lana gave me the caring and compassionate support that anyone trying to become a new person needs. She is also just plain amazing at her profession and knows everything about her craft hair removal and skin care. She is beautiful, loving, and has made an enormous difference in my life. Lana is the best and I am very grateful to have met her.

by Jamie

Great Servcie and outcomes

I found Superior Skin Care and Lana last winter and from the moment I walked in my first visit I felt at ease and very comfortable. I appreciate the way she makes me feel comfortable during my appointments. Lana is truly focused on delivering a quality service outcome' she's meticulous and focused. Plus, Lana is a caring person and interested in my well-being beyond the simple needs of the services she provides. SHe is and will be my go-to for my skin treatment needs.

by Pat

I am thrilled with the results I’m having after only half a dozen electrolysis treatments. When I came to see Lana about the hairs on my face I was so obsessed with what could be seen on my face that I was checking and tweezing at least twice a day, and waxing every week. Not anymore! The hairs have already gotten so thin I never check now. Actually sometimes I do look at my skin but now I look at how clear of hairs I am. Last week I threw away my fascial wax. The time I save every day checking for hairs and tweezing is a bonus I hadn’t even considered. I highly recommend Lana. I love my results.

by Fayanne Riegelhaupt
5.0 5.0 81 81 Lana is incredibly friendly, encouraging, and professional. She was sympathetic and kind during the procedures and had great tips on how to make the procedure easier and aftercare Patient Stories
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